Secrets to get into the heart of your loved one

The other day, I was with my boyfriend at my sister’s invitation. She was in a bad mood because she was nurturing my cat (I was out of town) and my cat made a mess in her couch.

I felt bad about it. I hid in the bedroom to think of it in silence.

After a while, my boyfriend met me and the first thing he said was:

“I can see that this situation bothers you, right?”

At that moment, I felt that he was the greatest lover ever. I understood and felt relaxed. I was in a better disposition to be the best partner that I could be for her.

Then I realized that he was speaking the same language of love as me. I am a visual and I understand better when we communicate with me in visual ways. He used the words “see” and “feel”. I’m sure that hearing and feeling people don’t really get it, but scenes outside can better understand how I would have felt.

Having the same communication style or using a communication style helps your partner avoid missed connections, unnecessary challenges, and increase intimacy by reducing resentment. When anger arises, the passion starts to fade away. Communicating properly is a tool to maintain lasting romance.

There are 3 types of love language; According to the author, Tracy Cabot (How to make a man fall in love with you), you have visual, auditory and feeling style. We use all 3 of those methods for communication but one is predominant.

How can we identify genres?

The scene expresses excitement or tension similar to those comments: “Don’t you see how amazing it is?” Or “You’ll see. You’ll love it” or “You don’t look in a great shape today”.

An auditory will say “this is good” when a feeling says “this is good. I have influence that will work” or “I know how you feel” or “I understand …”

With visuals, it is the look that matters. They are usually well prepared. They take care of their appearance. They relax in a beautiful, harmonious environment. Things need to be around them. They look for partners who take care of their looks as well. When the scene thinks, their eyes lift up in the air because they are “imagining” what they will say or they will have in mind.

They will tell you “how things look”. They do not talk about their feelings early in the relationship because they need to “see” where the relationship is already going. They want to watch television, read, art, landscaping, etc … anything that arouses their eyes.

A hearing is very sensitive to the sounds around them. They always have music at home or in their car. They do a lot of talking because they like to “listen” to talking on their own. They are easily distracted by noise. They praise being spoken softly in Cannes. The quality of their partner’s voice can be right turn or fixed turn.

When they think they will see the hearing side because they have to hear the voice in their head. Shravan will tell you “how things feel”. Shravan City will have the latest stereo system, they like to go to concerts, they like to talk on the phone and they have a special talent for music.

A feeling person reacts to intuition and their courage. They are willing to sacrifice elegance for comfort (no heels for women and tight collar shirts for men). They want to feel great all the time and in every situation. They seek partners who are great at sharing emotions.

They are considered people with big hearts. Women are easily seduced by Feeling Men because they have the ability to express their sensitive side and are great listeners, so it is common for women to have their needs.

People feel like to touch, kiss and they need a constant physical expression from their partner. People tend to look down when they think because they need to get “impressions”. Feeling people will tell you “how things feel”. They like to relax in the sun, workout, massage, drink and dance and eat great food. They will perform the most risky tasks due to the multitude of extreme sensations. They are looking for Trill.

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