In-depth body language reading

Body language can tell you what is happening in so many relationships. Is someone thinking away, thinking second, or are they going to rip all your clothes home and love you as soon as you close the front door.

The clues are in your partner’s body language.


Let’s just run to a destination for an example.

The things that say you’re in sync are great. You are moving at almost the same pace, side by side. Holding hands is another positive. If you go to see your partner and praise them, they should automatically return the praise. Psychology and NLP have a process called mirroring that is for neuro-linguistic programming. NLP states that you must imitate individuals’ methods, body language, in order to keep pace with someone. It should not be necessary as if you are connecting well and your partner should already be in sync. There have even been studies that say the heart rate is the same.

Warning signs are present for moving when pairs are not in sync. If someone moves too much forward or backward, both mean. Further would mean that they just want to lead, and turn away from their partner. Anyone who walks too far behind may fear their partner, and feel intimidated by them.

This is also a negative sign if your partner crosses the road and gives absolutely verbal or non-verbal signals.


Now sitting is another example that can be used. Look at the newly married couple. You will see many times that they sit next to each other at each other’s booths. They remain close to each other, whatever they may be. A family with a close mother and father does the same even when the children are involved. When I am dating a partner can sit in a car in front of me when they are actually with me.

Couples with good body language will take time to connect all the time. Willingness is faced with each other and when the deviation stops, there will be a resurgence of each other in joining. This can be done with kissing, holding hands, eye contact, or conversation. Their bodies should be angled towards each other and physical contact is made quite frequently. Another sign in a restaurant is that both couples are eating in proportion to each other.

Negative signals occur when one is not connected during a break. They instead read a menu again, looking out of the window, playing with their purses or engaging everyone but the person they desire. Their bodies are possibly far from each other and physical contact with minimal. If one is eating a lot of his food and the other is barely touching his plate, then something is going on. The person touching their plate is hardly bothered by anything.

to love:

When a couple is in sync, they connect at a very deep level, they are just physical. There should be a strong mental aspect. Eye contact is one of the biggest things both partners need to be able to see freely in each other’s eyes during sex. Touching, holding, kissing is usually all a natural phenomenon that occurs during lovemaking. A clash of hands with their partners, eye contact and others indicate a much deeper connection. Along with giving happiness to the partner, one should also be ready to find happiness.

Some warning signs may be closed eyes, stiff shoulder and neck. These signs are cold, anxiety

Be aware of the nonverbal communication you have with your partner. There was a research study done by a psychologist by the name of Albert Mehrabian. His conclusions were not what you say but how you say it that really matters. Verbal communication is only 7% of the total communication we communicate.

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