How long do you spend in relationship maintenance?

When starting a new relationship, we usually adopt one
The subconscious views it as how much maintenance
The connection will usually be required, if anything, we
Can throw a microscope at this concept while it is in its
Running state.

However, time, no matter how you cut it, is a commodity
And your hot little is worth a trillion dollars
hand. We try to save it, cut it, divide it into several
Work, assume it, and ruin it. However, most
We never intentionally connect with relationship maintenance

In going back to a new relationship, it cannot be denied
In this most tender state, the two parties see each other.
Needs to be fulfilled. If not given by adequate maintenance
One, the other will eventually pull back, until A.
The understanding is clear from the beginning.

For example, at this point in my life, with a young daughter,
My time is towards my family. This is
Especially true, I consider spending my morning with him,
And see him every night. To be able to give me
Any other relationship needs consideration, I will
With my family and at this point my time is to return
I am not willing to do this.

Thinning like hot butter is a concept we can all do
related to.

This is just my perspective on maintaining my integrity
family relations. Furthermore, it is not a reality for itself
Hook with my friends now at the drop of a hat, but
At least at this point in my life.

So how do we determine how much to do
Time should we designate future relationships?

Okay, it just comes down to how solid a base you got
Best of luck to them. For me personally, I want my family
Relationships occurring on the Rock-Solid Foundation. To sacrifice
How other relationships are valued
The system must be designed.

Secondly, to check their friendliness and their cost advantage
Ratio should definitely be there, not only for you, but for your friend
Be indicated

Are you going to be when life encounters a bad hand
Your friend, you leave that special person just because
Did some gear essentially take off for them? If you are that
Non-understanding of a person, you are not a true friend.
Then comes the question of loyalty to that friend, if you
Struggling with him because of less time with him
New change. Heart to heart
To get that person’s mindset and system of values,
There will always be the best route to take.

To respect!

From your perspective, change your friend’s life, you
Essentially naps and bruises. It’s hard for you
Respect her desire to spend more time with a new friend,
for example. It’s true even if you know that life
Keeps moving forward no matter what happens
Big part of life.

It’s not about you all the time.

A more selfless mindset will guide you and you will be
Happy for your friend’s new found happiness. understand
Scaling back as life changes, calls you
Hopefully it will be an integral part indeed
Your relationship, rather than fully supporting it.

An understanding between friends.

If you are a wise friend, or wish for your friends
More sense, then lay this foundation down
Sooner is the best in the relationship than the latter. when one
The party feels betrayed, it not only leads to this relationship
Respect is needed, but when your life changes, they
Will not slap in the face.

If your friends won’t be your friends because they don’t
Now you have unlimited access, so you don’t have
Taking too long to maintain that relationship.
This means that they may not appreciate your highs and lows.

Invest your time and love in your family, and do it again
An understanding with your friends that should be flexible
Being rude, will strengthen your relationship with them.
Remember, a relationship is a two-way street that needs
Maintenance and time, so give a lot of friendship
Will inevitably take away from his family.

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