How can empathy shape your values?

One of the lowest concept people who are most people
Life is coming from a perspective.

Despite our best intentions, it is not always by whom we live
This moral code is deeply ingrained in all of us.

Most of my writing is geared towards a logical approach
A heavy world and this is certainly no exception.
I do not want to underestimate its importance
Concept because I think it is very powerful.

It is very intriguing to me that this world has become like this
Many beautiful, yet very thin and dishonest,
Mind. Obviously, people are not born with anything
Shortcomings of personality, as much as learned behavior.

To understand and understand each other
What is most empathy in feelings, thoughts and motives

However, this is easier said than done. Is a terrible way
Really understand your own values, really is
Look at life indiscriminately with this approach.

So how empathy can really help in designing a system of higher
And lower values ​​so easily?

This is what the Golden Rule says, treat all of you
Would like to be treated.

Would you like to be beaten constantly? Will not done
Do you want to ignore others? Is not
Humiliated injury? Yes.

Temporarily focus your mind on another’s
Understand their plight.

Though you might say, Brian, why should I always respect
People when most of them have no respect for others
otherwise also?

If our whole world treated each other like this, most
Everyone will be in contempt for everyone.

Walking in someone else’s shoes while behaving
With all the people; You automatically separate a lot
Learned addicts are addicted and attitudes to all of us
Your relationships are more positive and kind.

In my humble opinion, this is the most selfless way ever
People’s view of life, so its importance has to be negated
Definitely wrong!

By understanding how you would like to behave and
Change the mindset of how others should be treated,
Then there can be a solid basis for their own values
built upon.

This, in turn, helps shape what is really important
Is it just nonsense? People with similar mindset
Adds clarity and purity as opposed to holding in one
Selfish tunnel me and me.

Sure, we’re all going to make our changes, but
This approach will limit them and produce more pieces of mind,
Your intentions towards others are not harmful,
But harmless.

Without a doubt, you will always encounter such people
Just don’t care about your feelings, only your own.
Do not let these people derail their good intentions.

Try to always be in this mindset. It will definitely be important
For your mental health. I know it may sound like something
Preach, but think of alternative mindset and
Negativity associated with it.

Of course, it’s hard to respect anyone who is ruthless
Insults you, but that doesn’t mean you should approach
Life is so negative.

By sending a message to others that you respect them
Humans and no concrete objects already standing
Them, you naturally disable their defense, and start
Speaking for the most real part of them.

Want to have a good heart and treat people
Dignity is something for which all of us should constantly strive

If we want to progress in this world of progress, then all of us need to adopt
Continue to be exposed to and become equally
Our values ​​according to this mindset.

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