How a phony person always hurt you

‘Be yourself’, isn’t that what you’ve always heard? this
Definitely not considering ill advice what you are missing.
Long term when you adopt one of these insidious lives.

You may ask what does it mean to burn a little bit from any injury?

It is not the extra energy that you bring to the table for a long time
As it is your true personality. It is cocky
Change from knowing who you are
The personality that you may or may not feel is a fraud.

Whether you call it fake, fake, fraudulent, multiple
Personality or whatever, it adds up to a lot
The same thing. It is not who you are. I know i don’t
Millions of other people said ‘Mr. Hollywood ‘
Whenever a situation calls for it and my color changes
A chameleon to suit my environment.

Teenagers are always trying to keep each other in order
To strengthen ourselves in a changing social sector
Structure. You can see it in the mall when a pack of it
Thirteen year old girls swim through a field you are
There is a lot more accent than shopping and their quantity
99% of everyone

It’s almost the same as everyone’s always trying
To put on their respective shows for the world that if you
No, you are afraid that you will not stand out; You will be bled
and boring. When you’re not trying to influence the world
With your personality, you’re just a regular
That you or someone else will see as unique.

That mindset cannot be far from the truth! In fact,
When you make your original personality
Environment, you not only hurt yourself with lies, but you
Lies for everyone you put on it. It can be your friend,
It can be your family or both.

What happens if you don’t put it on your plastic
Face it everyday? Won’t you disappoint everyone?
Which depends on the person to entertain them, to make
Do they exist better? Won’t you lie again
You are because you are always lying?

This can not only ruin your social life, but possibly achieve
You fired because your boss can expect the outgoing
The seller he hired for the first time. All of a sudden you want to be
You are magnetic, attractive and

I say change to be real, even if it does a lot
Damage. But what if you don’t know who you are
Because you are trapped in this void that reproduces and
Fake feeds? Then you need to do some serious “soul”

Ask yourself, what does it mean the most to you? Wasting precious
Time belongs to no one, or to live one’s life true and true
clean? To me, it’s not a mind, but others dislike it
So much to myself, it can be one of the most challenging
Ever work.

Why is he so smile?

When you’re taking on this false personality, you feel more
Safe because your natural personality, as you see it, is not
Deserving. You have cut its beautiful wings and put it in
The cage wanted to fly, it couldn’t do it

The most painful thought is of the time
in vain. Most of the time, years can never be recaptured. in
Also, if your natural personality never changes
Achieved, your whole life may just be a lie.

Not only will you get more respect from your family and
Friends, but more importantly, you will always be respected
No matter with yourself where life can bring you. So make
Change, and don’t waste life now, it’s definitely not
Worth it

How would it look on your headstone? He lived his life
As a lie, but what a great man.

Do not be that person. It is never too late to make changes,
No matter how difficult changes happen. Because being is true
Instead of what you really think of yourself as
Everyone wants you to be perfect
You can possibly lead to empower life.

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